in Business - 29 Nov, 2015
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Choosing a Concept for your Restaurant

Getting into the food service industry is not an easy thing to do especially if you plan to be the owner of your very own restaurant. Starting a restaurant can be quite a daunting task. You would have to consider a lot of important elements such as the funding, the location, staffing to name a few. But probably one of the most important elements to consider is the concept for the restaurant you are planning to open.

It is always recommended that you first decide on a concept before you proceed with other important matters. This is important because once you have chosen a concept, all your future decisions would have to be based on the concept that you had chosen. Your restaurant concept will in no doubt be your guide.

You may be keen on opening one of a planned chain of Indian restaurants Perth but it still wouldn’t hurt if you check out these restaurant concepts below.

  • This concept is considered to be a bit risky due to their seasonal nature and constant changing of seafood prices. Quick-service seafood restaurants may provide only limited choices on their menu while more upscale restaurants may offer more variety.
  • Steakhouses are considered as part of both midscale and upscale markets and are often in Western themes. For midscale steakhouses, you would find a more family-friendly environment while upscale steakhouses are more formal.
  • Family-style Restaurants. These restaurants are geared towards families and as such, they would charge more reasonable prices, perfect for a large group and for seniors as well.
  • Casual Dining. These restaurants are open to a wide audience and to various markets. They offer a variety of food items and are at mid-range prices.
  • These restaurants offer ethnic cuisine and could either be Indian, Thai, Italian, Caribbean, English, Asian and more.
  • Focuses mainly on pizza but they also offer a number of other items as well such as spaghetti, ravioli, beer and other Italian cuisine. There are two types of pizzerias, a to-go restaurant and a full-service restaurant.
  • People have always loved coffee and this reason alone makes it a good business to run. Coffeehouses focus on providing different kinds of coffee as well as some pastries too.