in Pest Control - 24 Feb, 2020
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Cockroaches Attracted By A Chinese Restaurant’s Paper Cardboard Shelving

Cockroaches sharing the space in your home or office can be pretty overwhelming and frustrating. Since cockroaches have a special ability to resist insecticides, homeowners must seek local exterminator service to handle the pest issue; otherwise their population will keep on growing.

Health inspectors were forced to shut down an Arcadia Chinese restaurant due to the presence of cockroaches. According to the inspectors, the cockroaches were attracted by the paper cardboard shelving used by the restaurant.  

In the report that was filed with the county, it was revealed that the inspector found one live adult cockroach and one live nymph cockroach on the paper cardboard shelving that was located under the hot holding equipment near the 2-door reach-in refrigerator. The paper cardboard shelving also contained numerous marks of cockroach faeces.   

There was also a live adult cockroach on the shelf above the hand-washing sink for employees in the kitchen. A dead cockroach was also found on the floor under the sink. Other violations included on-duty employees eating in the kitchen and the absence of soap in the employee’s hand-washing sink. The restaurant was given a score of 80 and was ordered to shut down.

Facilities receive grades similar to school report cards with number and letter scores. A food facility that is ordered shut down can lose an additional 7 points on top of 4 points that are deducted due to major health violations if there is a cockroach, rodent or fly infestation, lack of running water and sewage problems. If 2 major health hazards like unsafe food temperatures are found out, the food facility loses another 3 points in the inspection score.

Restaurants and markets with suspended permits are ordered to close until another inspection takes place to determine whether the problems have been fixed. Restaurants can be closed during routine inspections or owner-initiated inspections, complaint inspections or re-inspections.

Food establishments must always prioritize pest control and sanitation without waiting for health inspectors to tell them so. There is local exterminator service with the necessary skills and experience to deal with pest infestations. Best techniques are applied to solve the problem and prevent any reoccurrence.