in Furniture - 01 Sep, 2018
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Corporate Flooring Solutions Working On Making Offices Cleaner

The office desk isn’t just where people work. In the US, about half of all adults eat their lunch on their desks, sitting on their office chairs, meaning that offices have to meet up to higher health and safety standard than before.

This is why one Arizona business has decided to speak up on the matter. According to Corporate Flooring Solutions CEO, Rodney Brown, offices are dirtier than ever before, and office cleaners need to change how they operate. They go in, he says, after hours who come in to clean the bathroom, empty the trash, wipe down the hard surfaces and to vacuum the floors, but rarely work on the cubicle walls, the office chairs and the guest chairs.

He explains that this means that the dirty truth is that theseareas, left neglected houses all sorts of contaminants, quoting statistics that say there are about 21,000 germs/square in the office furniture, as well as the computer, which are all sent airborne when people go in and out of their chairs.

To that end, Corporate Flooring Solutions is hosting what they cleverly call a “chairity” effort, until the end of August, aimed at encouraging companies in Arizona to clean their offices better and put their employees’ bodies at ease while also helping a worthwhile cause.

During the charity effort, the more office chairs and cubicles Corporate Flooring Solutions is hired to deal with, the more money they’ll donate to the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity, with a dollar for each chair and cubicle.

Brown says that companies should put more effort into giving their offices a proper cleaning, including the textiles, like the chairs, cubicle walls, and the carpets. He recommends that be done twice a year for most offices, while call centres should indulge in cleaning more frequently. Offices can do a lot to reduce sick days reported by employees, he adds, and adding upholstered items into the maintenance rotation is a good first step; the office can’t really stop the staff from eating and drinking at their desks, but they can mitigate the dirt.

More than just employee health benefits, proper cleaning can also prolong the life of the office furniture, Brown adds.