in Domestic Workers - 03 Feb, 2018
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Cries Of Respect From Domestic Workers In Oman

It is common to hear foreign domestic workers not receiving fair treatment which is why the Elite housekeeping agency in Dubai wanted to make sure it does not happen to their recruits. The same stories are heard among 50 Tanzanian women that are working in United Arab Emirates and Oman as foreign domestic workers. Majority of these women are lucky to find households that are treating them with respect, pay on time and without any issues. A number of them, however, are not so lucky because they are met with cruel employers.

One example is Atiya, who chose not to reveal her real name, who shared her story. Her employer told her that if she wanted to leave back home then she must pay them with the amount they spent to transport her to Oman. She is a single mother with one daughter and she went to Oman with hopes of building a better future for her and her child.

Upon arriving, her employer kept her passport as well as her mobile phone and she was mandated to work up to 21hours every day. She is not allowed to rest and she is not given a day off. She is not allowed to eat without permission from her employer and she gets a beating on an everyday basis. On her third week, she decided to flee but was caught and they told her that she can only leave if she pays them $880.

This is happening to a number of domestic workers without the public knowing. In a statistics released by the government of Oman in November of 2017, there are over 154,000 women working as foreign domestic workers in the country. They are the ones responsible in cleaning their employers’ houses, cook their food and care for their children while they work and tend to their businesses.

These workers are now calling for respect from these employers because they are helping them live the life they want and they are working for their own families as well. This is one of the reasons why agencies such as Elite housekeeping are preferred by workers because their well-being is protected.