in Business - 20 Sep, 2020
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Customer Feedback Programme To Support Reopening

A digital marketing agency believes that a king kong advertising review can help build a better experience for the next customer. A review is a person’s opinion from his own point of view. He left a feedback because he wants his voice to be heard. Listen to the feedback because it might bring you to the next level of excellence.

Elior UK is a contract caterer that developed an enhanced customer feedback programme through the help of Serve First. Elior wants to support the safe reopening of its sites across the B&I, healthcare and education businesses.

The survey that was implemented by the contract caterer is tailored to gather responses to its Covid19 measures. Customer feedback will be collected from food service to hygiene and every element in the customer’s journey. It only takes about 20 seconds to rate the business by scanning the barcode on the site’s tablets.

According to Elior, the approach is designed to reassure customers of their commitment to safety and compliance while maintaining a pleasant catering experience. With real time data on its hands, Elior can address customer’s concerns and questions immediately. Elior believes that is important to listen to customer feedback to be able to make tailored adaptations necessary in the new normal.

When the digital marketing agency received positive king kong advertising review, it also gained free advertisement. When people read positive reviews based on the personal experiences of customers, they become more inclined to try the business. Reviews are also very important for SEO. The more the reviews received, the more the digital agency will standout in search results.