in Art - 14 Dec, 2017
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Design Your Own Custom Canvas Prints

What really makes custom canvas prints is the total control on the customization process. In fact, it is a must to have an active hand and complete access on the prepress procedures. This ensures that an optimum level is reached by the print output. Here, we show you few recommendations as to how to make a dynamic role in printing your canvas print project.

Practical Tips for Creating Your Custom Canvas Prints

  • Enhance your photos by using an image editor

Use professional software like CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop to enhance your canvas print photos. There are also a lot of free image editors accessible online. No matter what your choice of a program will be, learn to experiment its different effects, mixtures of colors and layouts. This should provide countless possibilities when creating a look of your digital images.

  • Choose an online printing company that offers free file project review

There are many reputable online printing sites that allows you to upload your file and have it altered based on your needs. The good news is having the service for free. You will be given a detailed instruction on how to enhance your custom canvas prints.

  • Choose an appropriate size for your framed canvas prints

Choose a particular size for your art prints on canvas. You can also choose to add a two-inch border to prepare your canvas for framing. It’s really a matter of choice on whether you prefer regular or custom sizes. As long as it works for you, the size of your choice won’t really.

When you create and design your own custom canvas prints, you do it all for fun and experimentation. Just ensure that you know what the end result is and that it looks superb. You also feel more confident about this task if you have chosen the right printing company online. So don’t choose the first company you get acquainted to. Learn to check their company by reading first hand reviews and getting positive feedbacks from people you know. Note that the right company offers competitive rates, high quality print services and a quick turnaround time.