in Adventure - 20 Jan, 2019
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Designs Of Cremation Urns For Infants

Losing a child is one of the most devastating situations in a person’s life. This experience makes the parents of the lost child tremendously shattered. Letting go and moving on after the grief and sorrow is such a challenging phase for parents and family members. There are some people who grieve for longer times than the rest. The pain that they feel is simply unbearable that often affect their lives making them detached, indifferent, weak, and less productive.

There is a wide selection of cremation urns for infants in the market with different themes and designs. Cremation urns for infants are designed to create a loving memory of a lost child that will constantly remind the parents and family members about the beautiful life of the deceased dear one. The following are just some of the popular designs:

  • Angel and Child Cremation Urn – this design pictures a peaceful angel watching over a sleeping child in a crib. This is made of cold formed resin, exquisitely painted with marble finish in white color. The angel’s hair is carefully painted with lovely flowers. The remains are placed inside the opening panel at the bottom of the urn.
  • Soft Teddy Bear Cremation Urn – this is chosen by people who want to have a huggable memorial to display where family members offer a loving affection of the lost child. The remains are held by the bears in the hidden openings specially designed in the urn.
  • Essence Photo Granite Cremation Urn – this is made of composite wood with granite tile in black. You can put your favorite photo in the granite.
  • Brilliant Butterflies Brass Cremation Urn – this is crafted from authentic solid brass. A velour bag is included for protection.
  • Starry Night Brass Cremation Urn – this is made of real solid brass. It has a velour bag for travel and protection.
  • Brass Nickel-Plated Mother of Pearl Cremation Urn – this is made of solid authentic brass with a nacre or mother of pearl. It has a lovely nickel mirror finish.
  • Lilac Leaves Cremation Urn – this is made of aluminum. It has a lovely finish that is hand-painted. The top opening is secured with a threaded lid.

The loss of a child is such a traumatic and difficult situation to handle. However, the bereaved family sometimes find comfort seeing the infant urns where the remains of the lost dear one is placed. These beautifully crafted infant urns constantly remind the family members of the deceased child with love and affection in later years.