in Business - 21 Dec, 2018
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DHL New Zealand Couriers Scrambling To Make Rounds

As people look at courier costs and realize how busy the Christmas season must be for shoppers, couriers across New Zealand don’t have to wonder. They’re fully aware of how busy it is.

DHL’s couriers, alone, in New Zealand, deliver a parcel every 1.5s through December as they scramble to get packages to customers before Christmas comes around. According to the delivery company, they are expecting to process 380,000 orders during the month of December, which amounts to about 19,333 daily shipments, counting the 18 working days of the month. That amounts to about 40 shipments every minute, or one parcel every second and a half.

DHL New Zealand Country Manager Mark Foy stated that, in order to prepare for the busy month, it had gone on a hiring spree for six weeks across couriers and customs. He says that December 17 was the busiest day of the year for the courier business.

The Monday a week before Christmas, Foy describes, is the busiest because of the orders coming in from across the world over the weekend, and then they land in the country late in Sunday to be delivered during Monday.

Courier drivers do two batches of deliveries every day, one in early the morning, and then later midday.

NZ Post Chief Operating Officer Mark Stewart said that the deliveries from online shopping went up by 30% this month compared to the same time in 2017. He says that DHL NZ delivered two million additional parcels during November and December in 2017, which they are expecting to surpass in 2018.

Stewart says that DHL is aware of how much Kiwis love to shop online, regardless of the courier costs, and annually the number of parcels coming in through their network, but 2018 is breaking all the previous records so far.

He says that, in order to deal with the increased volume during the Christmas season, DHL NZ had to hire 600 more people, and up the capacity for both road and air networks.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Alibaba’s Singles Day also saw huge spikes in NZ Post deliveries.

Meanwhile, Trade Me had its busiest day through its courier booking service with over 4,500 couriers booked.