in Business - 03 May, 2015
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Different Uses Of Bubble Wrap

One of the best inventions when it comes to wrapping is the bubble wrap.  Bubble wrap can be bought online in sites like Paper Mart and is a staple when it comes to wrapping and packaging. It’s not only light weight but could protect your items from shock and outside forces when shipping or storing. What most people do is wrap the items and put it inside the box then wraps it off for shipping without realizing that there are right and wrong ways to do it.

If you happen to surf by Paper Mart and bought a pack of bubble wrap, here are some useful information on where and how to use the wrap.

Almost all items are suitable for wrapping just as long as it is not heavy enough to pop the bubbles around the wrap. If that’s the case then find another cushioning material because popped bubbles will render the wrap useless. It is more important to use on valuable and fragile items such as glassware and artworks. Aside from the bubble wrap, remember to add peanuts and newspaper as additional cushioning materials for these items. The good thing about bubble wraps is they’re not as mess as the peanuts.

Some people think that the wrap can be used either way and the position of the bubbles doesn’t matter, wrong. The proper way demands that the bubbles must be facing the inside or the items side to make sure there are multiple receiving points in case of contact. The impact will be evenly distributed this way because of the bubbles shifting. Fewer bubbles will pop this way because the weight is evenly dispersed.

If you check out Paper Mart, you will realize that the bubble wrap comes in different sizes. The size of the bubble depends on the size of the item you will be wrapping it. For light weight ones, smaller will be sufficient to protect the items. Larger bubbles are recommended for larger items or the fragile ones to make sure they are properly protected. Larger means you will need more space but the items will be more protected against any impact.