in Car wash - 29 Jul, 2019
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Dirty Car Interior Could Make You Sick

Many car owners are focused on improving the exterior and the components of their vehicles that they forget to ensure that it is as hygienic inside as possible. According to a manufacturer of vehicle components, AFE, many owners tend to forget about cleaning their interior which is one of the reasons why they easily get sick. Sickness tends to increase in severity during the summer season because the air conditioning is on full mode.

The air conditioning system inside the vehicle should be the first thing to be inspected in order to prevent the infestation of bacteria as well as fungal spores which can cause deadly illnesses. According to an expert, the filters of the air conditioning system trap many spores and fine dust that could cause diseases. Once the air from the inside gets into the filter, these dangerous particles are inhaled by the people inside the vehicle which can cause the sickness. 

The vents of the AC should be cleaned as often as possible using damp towels and art brushes while the filters require de-clogging once a month. Annually, the filters should be changed to a new one. This should be done together with the servicing of the air conditioning system to avoid the growth of bacterial and fungal spores that can harm the driver and the passengers’ health.

Maintain the cleanliness inside the car by throwing away every garbage and leftover food once you are done eating. Nothing should be left behind to stay inside the car for a night. The mini trash can inside the car should be taken out every day and cleaned out before the end of the day. Make sure to take time at least once every week to vacuum the interior of the car. There are miniature vacuum cleaners made for cars which are effective in cleaning out food particles and fine dust inside the vehicles.

Make sure to allot a budget to pay for the dry cleaning of the fabric upholstery at least once every six months. This is the only way to remove the grime that has accumulated in the seats which is possible through steaming. Do not forget the reminder from AFE to replace the car air filter once each year.