in Resort - 01 Oct, 2018
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Divers On A Mission To Save The Red Sea

Jeddah is known all over the world because it is where the Red Sea is located. Jeddawis are not strangers to the sport of scuba diving. In fact, many of the residents have mastered diving because of the proximity of the ocean and its invitation to explore. Divers residing in the city are active in promoting how to preserve the marine environment of the ocean. Some of them have taken PADI instructor course in Thailand while others have learned from a local diving school.

According to Dr. Ahmed Al-Ansari, General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection’s vice president of the Environmental Affairs, the people in-charge are now working towards a campaign that focuses on being marine-friendly under the National Transformation Plan 2020 which is covered by the Saudi Vision 2030 initiative.

He explained that one of the campaigns developed by GAMEP under the National Transformation Plan is called the Protection of Marine & Coastal Environment Initiative. They are going to develop sub-projects under this particular campaign which will cover a lot of areas such as conducting a survey of the approximate wastes in the ocean and finding ways on how to manage it.

The campaign will also tackle other areas like the continuous monitoring of the coast as well as the ocean in order to ensure that no addition pollution will come in contact with the water regardless if it is coming from a point source or a non-point.

Jeddah Pro Divers, a PADI-certified diving facility in the city, is working with the divers in order to preserve the Red Sea. Its owner, Ehab Al-Jawi, is pro-active in promoting how to care for the marine environment. According to Al-Jawi, he organizes many activities which focus on cleaning the Red Sea. They sometimes clean on the beach alone and sometimes on the cornice. They have also organized an event called Earth Day 2010 which is specifically inclined to the group of divers.

They even have a project wherein divers are taught how to gather waste while they are out on a dive and how to remove it from the ocean. This is the same thing taught in a PADI instructor course in Thailand because the country is also having problems with the wastes accumulated in their bodies of water.