in Business - 05 Nov, 2017
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Do You Keep The Box After Moving Or Do You Throw Them?

Relocating means you have to buy boxes for moving and these huge boxes are important. This is where you will pack your most precious possessions as it moves from one home to another. After you have completed your move, you are left with big empty boxes that are cluttering your new place. What do you do with them? While your first though might be to throw them out, you should know that some of those boxes can be quite useful. If you are moving, it is important to consider the size of the boxes you have.

According to a relocation expert, Manuela Irwin, it is ideal to hoard small types of boxes. This is what she referred to as book boxes and they are usually 1.5 cubic feet. These boxes are not only easy to carry but it is more convenient to load inside the car. If you are planning to move on your own, this can be helpful as you can carry each box alone and boxes that are too big have the tendency to tear up once filled with heavy items. It is okay to toss out boxes that are too large such as those used in appliances or wardrobe boxes. They are not only hard to carry but it is not easy to store them as well.

Once you have set aside the small boxes you need and threw away the big ones, it is time to consider what you need to pack. The best way to go about packing is to try small items if they fit in medium boxes. It is never recommended to pack several small items in a large box.

Admit it or not, you might still be keeping the original packaging and boxes of the appliances you have purchased. While you might be tempted to put everything back on its original packaging for the move, it is not recommended as you might have ore boxes to carry in the end. Items should only be packed separately if they are fragile or needs careful handling.

We know that you spent money to buy boxes for moving but if after the move and some have tears and might not be reused, it is time to send them for recycling.