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Drought Has Encouraged Residents In California To Use Artificial Grass

While there are people complaining regarding the use of artificial grass, drought has resulted to more and more purchase of the so called artificial grass thus Jim from Heath Landscapes revealed how the residents’ desire to conserve water because of the dry spell resulted in the bloom of artificial grass.

A California resident, Christopher Knight, said that he likes to keep his lawn green but it is also necessary to save water. The best and ideal solution is to have artificial grass. The 57 year old expressed how different the real grass from the artificial one especially when stepping on it with barefoot. He was also surprised why some people are still not installing the plastic grass.

California has been experiencing drought for almost four years now and the result is more and more people are choosing to install artificial turf. The industry manufacturing the fake grass is booming despite the complaints of those who are pro-environment and purists that expresses their desire for purely live grass.

Though there are no fix record of numbers showing the profit of such industry, many installers as well as manufacturers have expressed the unexpected increase of demand especially around the California area. Clients range from families who are in the middle class and prefers to keep their lawn green to celebrities who want to keep up an image of having greener than green lawn despite the continued draught. More and more homeowners are now replacing their live grass with the artificial ones.

According to one of the supplier of the artificial grass, David Barbera, their business has doubled into twice the original size within the span of 12 months because of the increase in demand.

Aside from the drought, the ever increasing water rates is also another motivating factor for homeowners to switch into artificial grass. There are also penalties in stored for households that uses too much water following the declaration of the governor to cut down water usage by 25 per cent.

There are also cash rebates offered, reaching up to $40 for every square meter, to those who choose to install landscapes that require less water or no water at all.