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Eco-Friendly Homes Using Better Shower Screen Hinges

For starter, a hinge, in mechanical terms, is a mechanical bearing which connects solid objects. Usually, having a hinge in between them allows two objects limited angle of rotation in between them. Hinges are optionally to be made of flexible material or, of components that are moving. Hinges are typically used for doors so they can be opened and closed every time they needed to be opened or closed. Nowadays there are many kinds of hinges and below are some of them:

  • Spring hinge- This is basically a spring-loaded hinge that is made to provide assistance for opening and closing of hinge leaves. It forces the hinge to secure an opened door or a closed door. Springs are ideal for shower screen hinges.
  • Barrel hinge- This hinge is sectional barrel that is primarily secured by a pivot.
  • Pivot hinge- This is primarily used in openings in the floor and the top of the frame of a door.
  • Case hinge- Primarily, this is found in briefcases as a decoration.


There are other and newer kinds of hinges but the ones mentioned above are just some of the most basic kinds of hinges that are vastly used todays.


The need to go eco-friendly has never been this urgent owing to the mere fact that Mother Nature is having her revenge on man-man damages on the environment. Among the many measures that are being employed by every country in the world is the concept of building more eco-friendly homes especially in rural areas. Environmentalists who have been pushing for more environment-friendly properties have said that staying and living in these kinds of concept homes is very comfortable and cosy even though it’s not a traditional home because it’s basically an out-of-the-box concept. The said eco-friendly homes are designed in two separate ways. The main house has a spiral shape while the guest house has shape of an eight-pointed star. One of the creators of the said homes used accurate mathematical codes for his environmental work and consequently created his own set of mathematical codes to ensure that everything would go smoothly during the construction stage. Native plants, fuel-efficient appliances and solar panels are some of the things that can be found inside the eco-friendly homes. In fact, even the materials that are used for the shower screen hinges are kind to Mother Nature herself.