in Home Improvement - 16 Jun, 2017
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Energy Efficient Home Is The Latest Trend

Once spring is coming to an end, you always think about the start of the summer days and get excited about the idea of getting more sun and enjoying the vitamin D every day while you spend your lazy days just resting.

While you may be enjoying the summer season in Auckland, seeing your electric bill can take away the joy all of a sudden because you have gone over budget. Keeping the house cool during the summer days can be expensive but it does not mean you can’t do anything about your electric bill the following month. There are some ways in order to save energy.

You can start by keeping the sunshine out of your house. Check the thermostat and if the maximum temperature is shown, it is time to turn off the house’s air conditioning system and roll down your roller blinds in Auckland. This way, the cold air will stay inside while keeping the hot air out. You can reinforce additional treatment for the windows such as darkening curtains or draperies that will help block the sun totally. Don’t forget to close down all other window treatments you have in the house such as roller shades, plantation shutters, and cellular shades, among many others.

While you’re at it, it is recommended to hire a professional that will inspect your windows to make sure these are doing what these are designed to do. There might be leaks in your window treatment thus heat is able to penetrate or your window air conditioning system might have a leak somewhere. In any of these cases, the best way is to replace the old windows.

If you can’t because you are only renting the place or because of financial reasons, you can do other things such as install window films that can be easily attached on the window frame.

If there are any exiting gaps, the Department of Energy recommends using spray foam because it will occupy the space. If you don’t have any window treatments, it is time to install roller blinds in Auckland. You can also change your see-through window covers for something thicker like room darkening curtains.