in Dentist’s - 11 Aug, 2019
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Enhanced 3D-Printed Plugs To Reduce The Costs Of Dental Implants

Missing teeth can result to serious health consequences if left untreated. Aside from the difficulty of chewing, missing teeth can cause embarrassment and lack of self esteem. The good news is there are dental implants in Easton where one or several missing teeth can be replaced to help restore the beautiful smile.

The problem with dental implants is the price that many people cannot afford. However, a new process was developed by National Dental Center Singapore (NDCS) so that patients can save at least $2,000. An enhanced bioresorbable 3D printed plug was developed by researchers to promote bone growth in the jaw and minimize the chances of bone shrinkage after tooth extraction.

Many patients that require dental implants have to wait for 3 months for their bone to grow in the tooth socket after tooth extraction. If too much bone has been absorbed or broken down by the body, the patient may require bone graft. Bone is surgically harvested from the patient’s chin, jaw, skull or hip. Bone derived from an animal can also be used. However, the process is expensive and unacceptable for patients with religious restrictions.

Enhanced 3D-printed plugs from Osteopore allow patients to undergo a shorter and less painful treatment process. The plug is placed immediately after the tooth extraction to minimize the need for bone graft. The plug prevents the bone from being absorbed by the body and at the same time facilitates bone growth so that dental implant can be placed.

Each 3D-printed plug costs about $100 to $400 and patients can expect a 6-month reduction in their treatment process duration with $2,000 savings on procedure costs. Now that life spans are getting longer, 3D-printed plugs can improve the quality of life for Singaporeans. They can eat any food they like to nourish the body not to mention that they can have better smiles.

It is more comfortable to have dental implants in Easton because they look and feel like natural teeth. Since dental implants function like real teeth, you can eat your favorite food with confidence. You will feel better about yourself knowing that your smile is beautiful.