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Enjoying A Holiday With $100 Budget

Can you travel with only $100 in your pocket? A number of travel bloggers, backpackers and single travelers have said that they can travel on a shoestring budget because there are many ways with which to stretch 100 dollars.

One of the important things to consider when traveling with $100 is determining the right destination and the length of the trip. The preferred destination of most travel bloggers and backpackers is Southeast Asia, India or Africa. The problem here, however, is the cost of airfare which is definitely more than $100. The $100 budget that is being considered here is supposed to cover only the expenses for accommodations, food and transport.

For short journeys, travelers can consider a simple camping trip, beach trip or hiking the mountains. While on the journey, it is possible to explore the town or city on foot instead of taking a taxi. If you are not particularly fond of walking, take public transport which costs less than a cab fare.

Food is the least of your problems when backpacking. In countries like Thailand, street food is very popular even for tourists because they taste as delicious as the ones offered in restaurants. Binge on local food, it might be exotic or quite spicy but it will be one of the rare experiences you can write on your blog. In Southeast Asia, $3 will be enough for local street food.

The next factor that should be taken into account is lodging. There are a range of inns where a one-night stay can cost about $15. The price of lodging includes a private room with a comfortable bed and a clean bathroom. If you find $15 to be too expensive, you can opt for $7 – $8 per night dorm-type hostels where you share the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom with other travelers. This option is ideal if you are traveling with a group.

If you are planning to explore the city of Bangkok, you can save a lot through affordable hotel in Sukhumvit. The area has been developed with upper class villas and apartments offering affordable accommodations that are near shopping centres and restaurants.