in Business - 26 May, 2017
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Ensuring Energy Efficiency Through The Replacement Of Old Boilers

The aged boiler plant of the Civic Center building in Portsmouth was replaced with 3 FerroliPrextherm RHS Tonda 1400kW steel shell boilers. According to the Portsmouth City Council, the replacement generated significant energy savings of almost £30,000 per annum. It has also permanently reduced the energy demands of the Civic Center building.

The decision to replace the aged boiler demonstrates forward thinking because the council was able to enhance energy efficiency to reduce the costs. In terms of energy savings, the Council has made an average savings of 30% which puts the council on the right path to recoup the investment on the new boilers within the next 7 years.

If you will compare 2015/16 to 2012/13 before the boiler project was completed, the weather-corrected savings was 1,297,544 kWh or a cost saving of £29,200. The old 2 MW medium steel boilers were installed when the Civic Center building was constructed in the early part of 1970. It is apparent that the boilers have almost reached the end of their usable life. From the 3 original boilers that were installed, only 2 are operating but were severely corroded with the burners in very poor condition. Compared to today’s standards, energy efficiency levels were relatively low.

When boilers are retrofitted, there will always be challenges but in this project, opportunities were created because of the energy savings. Changing the values was actually challenging because moving away from the original specifications means the boilers will be out of scope. This will invalidate specialist insurance requirements but the engineering design team of Ferroli made the proper modifications to bring the boilers on scope.

Working in cooperation with the city council’s design team, Ferroli rectified the problem, avoided costly delays and identified the areas where waste and inefficiencies will occur. They made sure that disruption was kept to the minimum through close coordination during the boiler installation.

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