in Medical - 11 Nov, 2017
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Eradicating Bad Mosquitoes Through Good Mosquitoes

All-natural deet free repellent in Australia is very important to families for protection against mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are very harmful because they cause many serious diseases. Like tiny vampires, mosquitoes suck the blood of their victims and act as a vehicle for viruses. When the mosquito bites another person, the virus is transferred through its saliva.

In the United States, there are plans to use killer mosquitoes to fight the diseases that are spread through mosquitoes. The Asian tiger mosquito is an invasive species that aggressively spreads diseases like dengue and yellow fever. Dengue is a terrible disease that has no vaccine; hence, it kills millions of people.

Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the use of Wolbachiapipientis, a type of bacteria that can infect and eradicate the Asian tiger mosquitoes. Nature reports that biotechnology startupMosquitoMate will be releasing lab-raised mosquitoes that have been infected with the bacteria in 20 states including Washington D.C.

Only male “good”mosquitoes will be released so that when the “good” mates with the female “bad” Asian tiger mosquitoes, the eggs that will be produced will not hatch. It is expected that the population of the Asian tiger mosquitoes will eventually be eliminated. This method of eliminating of Asian tiger mosquitoes has been extensively tested in Brazil before it is tried in the US.

However, in order to effectively eradicate Asian tiger mosquitoes, MosquitoMate must find a more efficient way to sort and release millions of lab-grown “good” mosquitoes per week because right now, their technicians are sorting the mosquitoes by hand or through the use of mechanical sorters. The good news is the non-chemical process of eliminating “bad” mosquitoes has no drawbacks. The “good” lab-grown mosquitoes do not bite and neither will they harm other mosquito species.

The days of spraying greasy lotions to ward off mosquitoes are finally over. Latest technology in the production of insect repellents has helped introduce deet free repellent in Australia that is made from all-natural ingredients. Using insect repellent is very important to a family who prefers to stay outdoors and have fun. Instead of wearing cumbersome clothing as protection, you simply need to apply the repellent.