in Business - 05 Sep, 2018
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Evolution Of Automation In The Food Sector

Humans can survive without the fashion industry or the robotic industry but we surely cannot live without the food industry. This is one thing that has been proven by Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan and the very reason why he chose to enter the business. No matter what happens, humans will have to eat. The only questions are where are they dining and what are they going to eat?

Every year, the food industry is growing and it has recognized that in order to reduce the costs they will have to do something. Majority of the food processing companies know that they cannot allow the quality of their food to suffer just because they wanted to save costs. This is why it has turned to another alternative which is already prevalent in other industries – the use of automation. This way, the production result is higher without compromising the quality of the product. Automation is applied in different parts of the production including the processing and the packing.

Food processing as well as packaging is no longer the same to what workers are used to decades ago. In fact, these workers are no longer needed once automation has been introduced in the lane thereby altering the processes involved. Industry experts know that in order to answer to the demands of the consumers, they must be able to evolve accordingly. To do this, they have to upgrade the equipment they have on hand or purchase the latest models. With the introduction of new equipment, the company must also spend more for the space where it needs to be stored. At the end of the day, it is a hard and costly decision but one that is needed.

There are now many modern facilities found in food production plants such as automated ovens, mixers and blenders, robots, wrapping equipment and filling equipment. Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan said not to worry about workers losing their jobs because it is not possible, for now, for robots and machines to operate alone without the intervention and help of humans.