in Tips - 19 May, 2017
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Expedia Releases Company Tourism Data

Expedia, Inc. owner of global online travel brands such as Travelocity and Trivago, has recently released data on its many subsidiaries regarding travel and tourism in Thailand. And it seems that a great deal of tourists do, in fact, enjoy their Koh Samui villa.

A company report covering the preceding year was recently released by Expedia.com, revealing the traffic of the company’s subsidiaries and partners throughout the country of Thailand. The report was discussed in detail by the group’s Director of Market Management for Thailand, PimpaweeNopakitgumjorn, who states that the year of 2016 was a very solid year for Expedia. Not just in Thailand, but throughout the world. She adds that, with the recent growth and the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s recent efforts to bring in more tourists into the country, the year 2017 possesses a lot of promise.

Nopakitgumjorn added that the report, which details the tourism traffic of the company and its partners throughout the world, stated that the data gave great insight about travellerbehaviour, which can help their Thai partners bring in customers, and maximize profit.

The report details the tourist markets that travelled to Thailand for the year of 2016. The list, ordered of bookings, from highest to lowest.

  1. United States
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Japan
  4. UK
  5. Australia
  6. Singapore
  7. South Korea
  8. Germany
  9. Malaysia
  10. Sweden

The Expedia’s group’s customer’s top five destinations were also detailed, with Bangkok and Phuket being first and second; experiencing 30% and 20% annual growth, respectively.

Pattaya follows as the third most popular Thai tourist spot, but experienced a notable 40% annual growth for 2016, higher than the first and the second destinations. The fourth place is held by the KohSamui villa market, with the island experiencing a 10% annual growth.

The report also pointed out that Thailand experienced a considerable amount of growth due to tourists from Hong Kong with the highest Average Daily Rate, making it the most valuable market for Thailand. HK also showed the largest annual growth in bookings, with 80% growth.

A considerable amount of international bookings in Thailand book 3-4 hotels, accounting for 80% of bookings. Expedia, however, has pointed out that, on their group sites, tourists are more likely upgrade their booking, to 4-5 star hotels.