in News - 27 May, 2017
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Experience The True Hospitality Of Lebanon Through Its Guesthouses

The best place to experience traditional Lebanese food is to go to Lebanon. Guesthouses are scattered all over Lebanon with their own prestige and characteristics. In the quiet villages, you will find centuries-old buildings that are hidden in the mountains. There are also artsy apartments that form part of the heart of Beirut.

L’HôteLibanais is responsible for introducing guesthouses to Lebanon 15 years ago. It was guided by the belief that the best way to experience a certain place is share local food and mingle with the people. Lebanese people are naturally hospitable but the tourism industry of Lebanon is mainly based on the hotels in Beirut where travellers stay when they visit the historic places. When a visitor in Lebanon stays in hotels, he does not experience the true Lebanese life.

The idea of the guesthouse is to encourage the Lebanese to open their homes to foreign visitors who want to experience firsthand Lebanese hospitality and culture. Group founder of L’HôteLibanais, Orphee Haddad visited neighbourhoods and villages and knocked on doors to be able to share his ideas. The first guesthouse opened in 2005-06 to receive foreign visitors and local Lebanese who wanted to explore their own country.

According to Haddad, people travel all over the world because they want to find and experience something unique. Tourism is now more focused on experience including food. When guests are staying in a traditional Lebanese home, they experience something different from the Lebanese tourism that is being shown to tourists.

The best way to experience traditional Lebanese life is to try the guesthouses that are nestled on the mountains or in heart of olive groves. The guests are provided with genuine Lebanese food for breakfast. The meal may include fruits, homemade jams, local goat cheese, organic eggs and strained yogurt including Lebanese pizza.

If you do not want to travel to Lebanon to experience its traditional cuisine, you can opt for hotel near Lebanese food in Bangkok. Restaurants are within walking distance to the hotel where various cuisines will tickle your taste buds. It is also close to many local tourist attractions including shopping venues.