in Drugs - 28 Nov, 2018
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Experts Reveal Addictive Drugs Commonly Prescribed As Medications

Too much of anything can be addicting. Even the medications you are taking to manage the pain can lead to addiction if taken without restrictions or for long-term. There are drug facilities now dedicated to treating patients who are addicted to a specific type of medication such as Ativan drug rehab facility. Here are some prescription drugs that could lead to addiction if taken without control.

  • Vicodin. This medication has an opiate called hydrocodone. Its original classification was Schedule III but it was changed to Schedule II since it can only be bought upon presenting a medical prescription. Substances that are classified under this schedule are considered to have a high possibility of being abused which can result to severe addiction and dependence on both physical and psychological aspects.
  • Ritalin. This is a medication prescribed to people who are suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder. Glaser-Edwards revealed that excessive use of the drug Ritalin can result to addiction especially if the person taking is not even suffering from ADD. There are many cases wherein people with prescriptions offer their pain medicine to just anyone in the hopes of helping alleviate pain without realizing that this could lead to addiction later on.
  • Valium. Another warning was sent by Glasner-Edwards with the valium medication. This is often given to people with anxiety but high amount of valium can lead to addiction. It is therefore recommended to seek other alternatives to relieving anxiety such as exercises, yoga and meditation.
  • Opioid pain killers. The United States is currently having issues with opioid addiction so there is no question as to the severity of getting addicted to these types of medicine. Taking these in larger doses can deliver the same high that heroin gives and there are studies that prove how the addiction can lead to heroin craving.
  • Ativan. This is the very addiction treated in Ativan drug rehab facilities. It has a potent amount of benzodiazepine and excessive use can result to addiction. When a patient becomes dependent on the drug, they won’t be able to function normally without it. It can only be taken under medical supervision.