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Facts You May Not Know About Whiskey

People who love to drink whiskey must have a set of the best crystal whiskey glasses to enhance the experience. Whiskey is a popular beverage and in order to fully appreciate the drink and prolong its taste up to the last drop, it is important to choose the right glass. The glass must be of the right size and shape to appreciate the whiskey’s aroma.

According to Distilled Spirits Council, Americans were able to consume $4 billion dollar worth of whiskey in 2019. Because of the insatiable thirst for the drink, many people want to know what they are drinking, what are its ingredients and how it was made. Even seasoned whiskey drinkers were surprised by the information provided by Whiskey Master Class.

Lew Bryson said that bourbon is whiskey but it is different from the Scottish whiskey. It all lies on the spelling. For example, Maker’s Mark is bourbon but it is labelled as whisky. The fact is federal Standards of Identity has regulated how bourbon made use of whiskey spelling in its regulation. However, bourbon is different from scotch.

Jack Daniels is made exactly according to the standards of bourbon but it is charcoal-filtered before aging. Many bourbons are actually filtered before aging although it does not say so on the label. Aging can change the taste of whiskey but while some people like the change, others don’t.

Many are also confused with “straight” bourbon although it means that the whiskey in the bottle has been stored in a new charred oak barrel for at least 2 years. However, the standards of identity disallow any flavor or color to be added to bourbon. Older bourbon is more expensive but there is much less of it because whiskey often evaporates from the barrel as it evaporates. However, older bourbon is not necessarily better.

There are many stories about whiskey; some are true while others aren’t. An important thing to properly taste whiskey is to use the best crystal whiskey glasses you can find. Choosing the right whiskey glass is very important because it spells the difference between an average drink and a memorable one. The perfect whiskey glass is a product of science, psychology and culture.