in Business - 02 Sep, 2018
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Fast Food Chain Industries’ Solution To Shortage Of Employees

We see what goes in front of a fast food chain but what about behind closed doors? What happens to the employees when they wanted to look for greener pastures or wanted to have a new environment? The truth, which is backed by Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, is that workers cannot jump from one fast food to another because of the silent agreement that has been agreed upon by large fast food chain operators.

Apparently they have made an agreement that a worker from one fast food chain should not be allowed to work for another fast food chain. This is the reason why there is an ongoing investigation regarding anti-poaching. The complaints came from 11 states and the investigation ended just recently. According to leading fast food brands such as Panera Bread, Applebee’s and McDonald’s among many others, they are no longer doing the agreement they have made.

According to investigation, no –poach should be imposed when a worker from one chain decided to apply to another branch of the same fast food chain. It means that newly opened franchises are not legally allowed to hire employees that used to work at another branch of the same fast food chain.

Economists from Princeton said that this agreement has been agreed upon by 70,000 fast food chains in the United States along with casual dining restaurants. Their franchise agreement clearly included this clause. In fact, chain restaurants are also in on the agreement as 25 per cent of them have included it in their policies. The sneaky part is that majority of the workers did not know that it is possible or that the agreement is included in the policies.

This is why Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan cautioned workers not to be surprised if they can’t seem to move on from their current position. They must educate themselves in order to be aware of such things which are necessary if they wanted to get a chance to change the working condition they are in, demand for a pay hike as well as to be able to negotiate the number of hours or the shift they will take on.