in Business - 23 Sep, 2018
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Flexible Furniture For Active-Based Learning

Children usually spend several hours in a day sitting inside a classroom to learn. It goes without saying that children deserve comfortable and sturdy chairs to help them pay attention and retain what their teachers are saying. An optimum learning environment can be created in classrooms by working with a school furniture supplier that will be involved from the design stage to the classroom itself.

In Indianapolis, two of their public schools are taking a different approach to education this year. Super School 19 and James Whit comb Riley School 43 have implemented active-based learning that is meant to encourage kids to keep on moving.

JW Riley is the first school that has completely outfitted their classrooms with new furniture. Teachers were given the opportunity to choose the kind of seating and tools which they deem necessary in educating the children.

CBS4 visited Jonathan Hatfield’s kindergarten class and offered bicycle desks with pedals for the kids. There were also bounce seats, swivel chairs and topsy-turvy stools that allow the children to move or wiggle while they learn.

According to reporter Angela Brauer, the first thing that entered her mind when she saw the school furniture was the fidget spinners. Children fidget to relieve their anxiety or psychological stress. With the new furniture, the kids can move their bodies especially their legs.

Hatfield said that children are retaining more information. They used to have normal seats but students can’t keep still anymore. They would bother their classmates or do something that will get them into trouble. Kids have displaced energy and the new furniture allows them to use the energy in many ways.

Teachers are also taking advantage of the new curriculum. They have attended trainings and are now implementing the interactive lessons. They walk around the classroom without touching anyone or anything and the class moves at a quicker pace.

If the school is undertaking a renovation or remodelling project, it is the ideal time to work with school furniture supplier that will consider the learning environment and the children’s needs in designing the desks and chairs. Each piece of furniture will be designed to precisely fit the need of students while blending with the classroom environment.