in Adventure - 08 Nov, 2018
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Flight Going To Myanmar From Italy Already Available

Starting October 31st there is already an air flight from Italy to Myanmar and vice-versa. The tourists can stay at a hotel in Myanmar as soon as they arrive through an Italian leisure airline, Neos Spa, which is based in Milan. The new flight route will be taken by the Boeing 767 which will have a flight schedule every Wednesday. Before arriving at Yangon International Airport, there will be a stopover at Phu Quoc located in Vietnam.

Neos is breaking history by being the very first airline to offer a flight from Europe going to Myanmar. This was seen as an unexpected move because the number of visitors flying from the west is already declining.

The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism published a statistics revealing that a total of 11,976 travellers came from Italy to Myanmar from January to September of 2017 while this year there were only 10,221 arrivals from the same period. The numbers show that there was a 14.6 per cent decline.

According to Orchestra Travel Co’s managing director, U Aung Myat Kyaw, for the first flight going to Myanmar there will be a total of thirty four passengers but 50 per cent of them are travel agents. The charter flight’s ground services are going to be the responsibility of Orchestra Travel. He also added that they are expecting an increase in the number of travellers once the inaugural trip has been concluded.

U Aung Myat Kyaw said that this is a big opportunity for the country’s tourism industry to be promoted because the tourists coming from Europe is already declining. Vietnam, on the other hand, decided to reduce the amount of fees the tourists have to pay for visas and the requirements are made easier as well to encourage those who are boarding Neos Air flight. U Aung Myat Kyaw said that the same incentives should be developed in order to promote charter flights to travellers from different nations.

The weekly flight is scheduled until April of 2019 but the airline might use a bigger aircraft if there is higher demand. This means hotel in Myanmar will be booked with the high number of foreign tourists.