in Business - 05 Aug, 2019
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Ford For The Future

The works of Henry Ford was a slow-burning process to success. His first vehicle, the Quadricycle that ran on horsepower engine, his Sweep takes Race car beat the best race car driver Alexander Winton, his classic and successful car Model T and Model A gained attracted eyes from people of different walks of life. He had a powerful vision — to create a car that no person could say no to — and that everyone can afford! The wheels that carry the Ford seat covers and the classic interior feel that people truly love has a history and it started with the brilliant mind of Henry Ford.

The Ford Leadership

The descendants of Henry Ford, his son Edsel Ford and his grandson Henry Ford II contributed greatly to the development of the Ford company. It passed on to Phillip Caldwell, first non Ford-family member then to Donald Petersen, Harold Poling, Jacques Nasser, William Clay Ford, Alan Mullaly, Mark Fields and now held by Jim Hackett, the current Ford CEO. Though having undergone setbacks and financial crisis, Ford has come a long way in defining the world of innovation.

Immortal Classics

Ford has built stylish cars like the Thunderbird 1956, Mustang of 1965,the Ford Fiesta of 1976, the Explorer of 1990, the electric Ford Ranger of 1997 to 2002. With the company running for more than a hundred years, it continues to develop new models of the Ford Fiesta with new features like a key-less unlock, Ford Mustang with a higher level engine yet the almost the same classic look, Ford Explorer with a stunning exterior and the strong Ford Ranger conquering over tougher mountain sides. Today, Ford is creating more technology like the new key fob to avoid vehicle entry of non-owners by putting the device to sleep mode after 40 seconds. Ford is also widening their research on making environment-friendly cars and going out of the norm with the plan to invest billions of dollars for 40 new electric car models on 2022.

Horizon Ahead

Ford does not know how to stop and when to stop. Advance Trac stability and Torque Vectoring control features continues to be escalated as it helps drivers have a sense of safety and security while sitting on their Ford seat covers, hands on the wheel. The bright horizon is ahead.