in Business - 01 Dec, 2019
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Ford Releases Electric Iteration Of Iconic Crossover SUV

Auto analysts and companies like Fox shocks have looked to Ford’s latest unveiling, as the automotive company that pretty much fathered the industry has gambled its iconic Mustang brand on a brand new Mustang Mach-E electric SUV crossover, with many saying that it’s a big step for vehicle electrification.

The American auto manufacturer recently unveiled their new Mustang Mach-E, to be made available for the general public in about a year.  

University of Windsor Centre of Automotive Research and Education Director Peter Frise stated his opinion on the Mach-E, calling it a game changer. He explains that it’s a huge signal for the auto industry, for companies like Fox shocks; a mainstream auto manufacturer effectively telling everyone that the transformation to electric automotive is on the way.

Frise noted that the Mach-E, with its range of 400km/per charge, good horsepower, performance, and comfort, and decent price tag of $50,495 will do much to ease consumers’ issues regarding electric vehicles.

Ford also created North America’s biggest charging network, dubbed the ‘Ford Pass’, which means that the region will have 12,000 charging locations, with 1,400 of those found in Canada.

Frise says that Ford has created a new product that’s appealing, as good, or possibly better, than existing traditional models, that isn’t far off from the market’s current average transaction price ($34,000-$39,000). Combined with the fact that electric vehicles cost less to maintain and operate, Frise says that Ford has effectively taken away all of the tradeoffs that people would’ve had to make in order to get an electric vehicle.

President Flavio Volpe, Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association, says that the Mach-E’s obvious Mustang DNA will do much to bolster the electric vehicle market.  It’s the kind of thing, he says, that bolsters the market and generates interest on the matter.

Volpe stated that Ford’s taken a big risk by having the Mach-E be part of the Mustang line, but the potential profit from this move could be huge. He says that it’s not really surprising; Ford was the company that made their number one platform, the Ford 150 pickup, all aluminum, which then proved to be a massive success.