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Funding Grants To Soundproof Live Music Venues

Noise pollution can be rather extreme in some neighborhoods.It is not surprising for residents to ask “can you soundproof a window” to ensure a more peaceful indoor environment. Loud sounds can disturb sleep and may lead to sleep deprivation if the resident does not take action to soundproof the home. Sounds enter through the windows, doors, walls and floors which can be soundproofed to deaden noise.

In Melbourne, Australia, clubs and pubs receive thousands in funding grants for the soundproofing of their live music venues. In an attempt to reduce noise pollution in Melbourne, 26 venues in Victoria including Tote Hall in Collingwood, Gippsland’s historic Bundalaguah and Myrtlebank Hall were given $270,000 in funding grants. Through soundproofing, residents who have been complaining about the noise can be appeased.

Other venues are being encouraged to follow suit and apply for the sound proofing grant worth $25,000 that is offered under the $22 million Music Works program. According to the minister for Creative Industries Martin Foley the move will strike a balance between the clubs and bars and communities that live near the venues.

The state of Melbourne has a strong network of live music venues. There are more music venues in the state than anywhere else in the world making it a sustainable industry that provides music for everybody. Live music has become a part of the DNA of Melbourne that is why the state is supporting and strengthening the industry at every level from the artists and music organizers to the venues and promoters. Good Music Neighbors is a partnership between the government, Music Victoria and the National Live Music Office.

Many different products are available to reduce noise pollution in communities that are near live music venues. Acoustical curtains have soundproofing lining that that can be used to replace the ordinary curtains on windows.

If residents will ask “can you soundproof a window” so that outside noise can be controlled; acoustic grades of laminated glass can be used to block unwanted sound waves from entering the home. However, since sound can penetrate the walls, it is suggested to consult a professional who knows the proper solution to sound proof the home.