in News - 19 Jan, 2017
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Generating More Online Business Through Innovative Marketing Campaigns

The internet has literally changed the legal industry. Nowadays, students can become lawyers because of the presence of online law schools like the Los Angeles-based Abraham Lincoln University. However, law schools must also leverage on digital marketing to gain more clients and more business. Digital marketing trends come and go and it is important for law schools to be updated with innovative marketing campaigns to generate more business online.

The most popular online marketing options include SEO, pay-per-click, social media marketing, content marketing and email marketing. It is very easy to put money blindly on one of the aforementioned options but make sure to account for every single cent that goes into the marketing campaign so that you can measure its success. Find out where you generate the most leads and conversions for the lowest cost and scale up with the campaign for business growth.

Law schools can use social media like Facebook as their marketing platform. Facebook has more than a billion active users and almost half log on to their accounts daily. Social media provides the perfect opportunity for law schools to advertise their services whether for the present or the future. Facebook allows you to place ads focused on the targeted audience.

When the marketing campaign is successful it drives a lot of traffic to a website. However, generating traffic is not enough, it is important to have leads and conversions. An informative blog can be the start of your marketing campaign but make sure that content will not appear as a glorified advertisement. Focus on publishing relevant content so that readers will be influenced to hand over their contact details.

Law school websites must be mobile friendly because more and more people use their mobile devices to search for information. If the website is optimized for mobile, make sure to deliver a good experience to the target audience.

You cannot do internet marketing alone; otherwise it will take most of your time and efforts. Delegate the task to more experienced people who are updated with the latest marketing innovation to enhance your online presence. You will have more time to focus on the bigger picture not only the small details.