in Company - 17 Jan, 2018
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Giving Back Through Promotional Merchandise

Life these days can be busy and full of stress. We, oftentimes, forget our obligation to give back to the community by helping those who are not as fortunate. The rise of the internet has opened many doors for people who wanted to give charity donations. The problem is that you are not sure about the exact amount you donated that goes to the cause and the percentage that is allotted for the employees marketing and various expenses. There are companies buying promotional merchandise in Australia from companies with programs that donate to the less fortunate.

This is the same program launched by Nine Promotions which donates 5 per cent of each order to the orphans in Vietnam. The amount does not cover outside expenses. Nine Promotions is headquartered in Fort Collins and the company has an online shop. They create branded merchandise of the best quality for any type of organizations either for profit or nonprofit. The organizations have complete control on the print they want on their merchandise which will best represent their brands. They are given choices by the company and they decide depending on their needs.

There are many products to choose from such as apparels including pants, t-shirts and hoodies, and accessories like key chains and pens. Their choice will also be determined by the amount of the budget they have. Organizations buying from Nine Promotions will be given a custom website which they can use as a medium to sell their own products. Despite the fact that the promotional merchandise from the company is high quality, the price is not far from those average made ones which will fit any organizations budget.

According to the Quinn Bui, the founder of Nine Promotions, he was an immigrant from Vietnam and was very poor. Moving to the United States gave him the chance to be stable financially and thus he decided to give back to those who are in the same boat as he is before.

For companies selling promotional merchandise in Australia, more customers are more likely to purchase if they have programs that benefit the less fortunate.