in News - 11 May, 2017
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Gold Watch And Eye-Catchers For Robbers

Robberies and thefts are common petty crimes that are committed against another person. Petty that is if there are no serious injuries or casualties that resulted from the crime. These kinds of crimes are the usual reports that can be found in news reports. The target of such crimes are usually those people that are blatantly displaying jewelry such as gold watch on their persons and flaunting cash. Sometimes, it happens even in the vicinity of banks, middle of the road, and other visible places. In other words, it doesn’t really choose a specific venue despite the usual dark alleys and abandoned places.

Current police reports from different places have robberies and thefts in their headlines. Common eye-catchers for these criminals are jewelry, cash, watches (like black and gold watch for men), and credit cards. Reasons for committing these crimes are mostly due to lack of money (but note that there are some crazy people out there who just do it for fun.)

In New York, two men are now wanted by the police for armed robbery in the Bronx. Two men walked up to a man from behind, held the man up and took his $80, two gold chains, a watch, a cell phone, and debit cards. This is as reported by the New York Police Department.  The suspects were able to flee via a dark SUV. The first man robber is described to be Hispanic, 5’9” tall, and was wearing a gray sweat suit and black sneakers. His accomplice was wearing black sweat suit and black gloves, had a mask over his face and stood the same height if 5 feet 9 inches. People with information on these suspects may call the police hotline.

Another news of a similar story happened in Gold Coast. Three (3) men with knives accosted a motorist for his chain and gold watch after he was tailgated by a black Ford Focus. Three men then jumped from the car and demanded his wallet. One of the men grabbed the chain from the man’s neck and his gold watch before fleeing in the vehicle. Although with a minor cut in his neck, the man mugged was able to take a photo of the car and police are urging people who’ve seen the car to report it to the police.