in Business - 23 Jun, 2017
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Good News For Kevin From Plumb4You: Free Plumbing Courses At MTC

Whenever you are choosing which career path you want to take in the long run, you should start it by choosing the appropriate course you are going to take and complete in college. Why? Most of the time, whatever amount of knowledge and skills that you will get during your college years will be useful once you started working on your chosen job. Now, learning never stops when you have completed your college years. In fact, aside from taking up master’s and doctor’s decree, you can also undergo additional training sessions depending on which industry you belong at the moment. For example, if you are a professional plumber like Kevin from Plumb4You, then you  are among the most in-demand skilled workers that require continuous training because let’s face, almost everyone is facing all sorts of plumbing problems whether it’s a leaking pipe in their kitchen sink or worse, problematic toilet bowl that won’t flush down no matter what you do. You see, professional plumbers are trained to deal with these wet and occasionally dirty problems and they make sure that their work is clean and tidy at all times. In addition to this, they also have years’ worth of experience so they basically know everything about plumbing.

As mentioned above, plumbing is one of the industries that continues to be in-demand today. As means to catch-up with the significant growth in the demand for plumbers, the Manatee Technical College or MTC is offering plumbing courses free of any tuition fee. To avail this, you must be one of the first 15 students who applied and got accepted into the program. Aside from providing free plumbing courses to aspiring plumbers who want to become one of the professional plumbers like Kevin from Plumb4You, MTC is aiming to give students an opportunity to get a go-ahead start into this specific high-demand job. Upon completion of the said free courses, students will earn a national certification for plumber. Also, they can also earn a certification of completion for the first occupational completion point or commonly called as OCP-A for the plumbing program. Once completed, students can get the chance to earn as much as 14 US dollars per hour once hired.