in Map - 29 Jul, 2018
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Google Maps Introduces Motorcycle Choice Option In Asia

The main objective of maps is to deliver greater visual usefulness to users. For example, in the map illustrations, some features like landmarks are exaggerated so that the user will feel a sense of recognition when he arrives at a certain city. Distortions are deliberate so that the map can provide information aside from directions and distances.

Lately, the functionality of maps has been greatly enhanced with the use of technology. After an initial testing in India, Google Maps is now introducing a motorcycle choice option in Asia countries that include Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Taiwan.

The motorcycle feature in Google Maps can be selected by a user to gather information on the routes and roads that are accessible to motorcycles but not to cars and trucks. According to NDTV, when the user chooses motorcycle transportation on Google Maps, the routing software will look for bike-only shortcuts to avoid traffic. It will also provide useful information like travel and estimated time of arrival.

In small towns as well as big cities, there are narrow lanes and passageways where a motorcycle can pass to avoid traffic congestion en route. The software also anticipates roads where motorcycle traffic is prohibitedto save the rider from the frustrating re-routing on the fly.

At a motorcycle launch event, KrishVitaldevara, Google Maps head of product, said the software uses landmarks like hotels and hospitals instead of street names that are more difficult to read. The objective of Google is to train drivers in reading directions before they head out to a city with congested traffic. Instead of reading directions on the smartphone, the driver can look for landmarks.

However, there is no news up this moment whether the motorcycle-centric mapping will also be introduced in the United States and the rest of the world.

Landmarks and other prominent features of a city are also widely used in map illustrations with additional embellishments and character which a driver can easily follow. When you look at the map, you will see that popular landmarks like churches and tall structures are depicted beautifully so that you will instantly have a vision of the city.