in Customer Feedback - 07 Feb, 2021
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Google UK Higher-Ups Share Their Forecasts For Digital Marketing In 2021

2020’s been a challenging year for industries across the world, and digital marketing, in spite of the growth it’s seen, is no exception. People have looked to 2021 with a bit of optimism though, hoping that things will change.

Google UK’s higher-ups had their own ideas for what 2021 might hold for the digital marketing industry and opted to share them.

Google UK Brand and Reputation Marketing Director Nishma Robb

Robb says that people are expecting more diversity, with customers becoming more mindful of what’s going on behind-the-scenes.

She says that people are looking for a change, not just in campaigning, but in their decisions. With Black Lives Matter and the conversation on racial equality has advanced a lot in 2020, Robb expects that brands will be expected to take a proactive stance, not just on racial equality, but other important social issues.

Google President of EMEA Business and Operations Matt Brittin

With more and more people going online, privacy and data protection have become more important than ever; for the digital marketing industry, data ethics has become a major topic of discussion.

The entire digital ecosystem, Brittin says, only really works if it’s trustworthy. Data ethics is a customer demand now, as people expect more social awareness from companies, more than just the standard data safeguarding and transparency.

Google UK Head of SMB Direct Marketing and B2B Content and Ads Marketing Eli Lassman

According to Lassman, people across the world spent about 1.6tn hours on their mobile devices in the first half of 2020, while people spent an additional 25% time on apps, with 180bn hours monthly.

He notes that that means that the app market has a lot of potential for growth for the industry, and digital marketers need to capitalize on it. He notes that things like king kong marketing agency review will now be increasingly linked with apps and their experiences.