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Hanging Out To The Best Rooftop Bar In Sukhumvit

These days prove that the current trends of bars are now rooftop bars. Picture yourself inside a bar, getting drunk as if tomorrow never comes, partying like crazy, at the same time, enjoying an amazing view of the cityscapes. You can have yourself say that you are addicted to seeing this view only in TV series or movies. You can also say that the best rooftop bars are only seen in urbanized cities like New York or Los Angeles in the US. But you have the rooftop bar in Sukhumvit, which you can similarly enjoy like anywhere you may be.

If you are in Bangkok, you can try to be what it’s like in rooftop bar in Sukhumvit,where you can drink with good friends and enjoy a breath-taking view of the city. In fact, there are a number of rooftop bars to try here, and you’ll never run out of bars, especially if you are out for nightlife. You can party, party all night long.

As discussed earlier, Bangkok has several rooftop bars which you can find anywhere you go. If you want to hangout and enjoy the panoramic view of the city, listed below are the best rooftops that give you great drinks and a lovely view worth dying for:

  • Octave Rooftop Bar

This rooftop bar is in Sukhumvit’s busy district. It’s actually popular among couples who want to view Bangkok’s famous sunset while enjoying a luscious dinner for two. This bar claims to be one of the best rooftop bar in Sukhumvit with a 360º view of Bangkok.

  • Sky Bar

When you come to this bar, you need to climb 63 stories to enjoy a 360º view especially with the city lights. They have a whisky bar and serve authentic oyster. What you find in a rooftop bar in Sukhumvitis an outdoor terrace with cushioned sofa to enjoy the fresh, warm breeze of being up in the 63rd floor.

  • Vertigo-Banyan Tree Bangkok

This rooftop bar is actually the best in Bangkok. You will have to climb the 61-storey building before you reach the actual bar. Once there, you can experience a breath-taking view of the cityscape. You can also sip the best alcoholic drinks in Bangkok including champagnes. You can also pair your drink with grilled seafood, which go well with each other.