in Insurance - 13 Jul, 2017
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Health Insurance In Thailand May Cover Beauty Clinics

Internationally, the market for beauty treatment has been consistently growing strong. In Asia alone, the growth rate is about 14% per year from 2012 to 2014. You may want to consult a health insurance in Thailand if they cover this type of treatment.

Support factors include beauty and health trends, as well as the arrival of an aging society. Working professionals comprise the biggest group of customers, the topmost level of demand for both cosmetic surgery and skin care treatment at 40%.

Social mores pertaining beauty have also changed, resulting to the acceptance of cosmetic surgery. It’s relatively hassle-free as trained cosmetic surgeons are now available with applications to more advanced technology. You may want to work with a health insurance in Thailand to have your face done.

Asia takes 1/5 of the global market value. Anti-aging products are the most renowned group, especially fillers and Botox. The number of clients have also increased by 7.5% every year. A projected 7.4% growth per year is expected for the cosmetic surgery group, which include eye, nose and breast surgery.

The cosmetic surgery group is not only limited to one specific age group, but is visible to all age groups with varying types of needs. For this reason, the market in Thailand will likely to expand.

For clinics offering all types of services including cosmetic surgery and skin care are more likely to have better growth than those offering skin care treatment alone.

The working-age professionals are nowadays paying more attention to beauty and health issues. For this reason, the Thai beauty treatment market will continue to grow strong especially with the number of customers coming to clinics.

Around 77% of customers aged 20 to 40 years show interest for beauty products. For those with higher income, they prefer to have a more advanced service than just skin care. They have started to engage in cosmetic surgery and anti-aging treatments. Just check if your health insurance in Thailand cover these services.

Thailand is now a country renowned for high quality cosmetic surgery. It ranks 25th in terms of surgeon to population ratio and eighth in the world in terms of reputation.