in Service - 05 Jan, 2019
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Helping People To Embrace Their Scars With Confidence

Scars can make a person self-conscious that is why they always make the effort to hide the scar with makeup to cover scars or some other means. When the scars are on the legs, it is very easy to conceal by wearing pants or long skirts. However, when the scars are on the face or arms, makeup will be the best option.

There are individuals like Emily Owen from Shildon in County Durham who were able to overcome their battle with self-confidence. Emily was permanently scarred when a child threw an aerosol can into the allotment bonfire. Emily was only 9 years old when she tried to protect a child behind her. Unfortunately, her face was hit by the aerosol can travelling at 150 miles per hour.

According to Emily, when the accident happened, she was screaming and could not look at her face. She was taken to the James Cook University Hospital where she underwent plastic surgery. According to the doctors, Emily was still lucky because if the aerosol can hit her an inch higher, it could have taken her eyes out.

Emily’s mother was worried because there is a long way ahead for her daughter. However, Emily did not allow her injuries to affect her life. Emily considered her scars as part of who she is. What is on the inside counts more and scars should not make you less of a person.

With the support from her parents, Emily was able to raise $7,000 from charity. Emily in now an ambassador of Changing Faces, a charity that provides support and valuable advice to those with marks, scars or other conditions. Emily is now using the platform to be able to spread awareness. Students with facial differences must not be the subject of bullying in schools.

Meanwhile, not all individuals have the same confidence as Emily. If you are self-conscious with the scars, use makeup to cover scars before you meet other people. The makeup when used properly can conceal the condition and stop people from staring. It can cover and enhance to achieve a natural and flawless look.