in Lifestyle - 15 Jan, 2016
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Here’s How Female Runners Can Stay Safe

Right now, feminism is a big thing and although this may sound sexist, it would still be wise for women to follow their mother’s old advice: “Never run alone because the world can be very dangerous for women”. Most women would resent this but if you would think about all the injustices done to women each year, there is a basis for caution. Yes, it can be very limiting and although women are strong and capable in their own way, running alone at night can prove to be very dangerous.

So how can female runners be able to enjoy running without having to limit themselves? How could they feel independent yet safe at the same time? The answer is simple. You do not have to feel afraid. You only need to be sensible.

The thing with humans is that nature made them smart and capable of reason. People weren’t made to outrun their predators. Instead, they were given the mind and the intelligence to outwit them. Simple items like pepper spray can become a woman’s best friend. You don’t have to bring them all the time. But when you are going out to run alone at night where you think there maybe wildlife, lone individuals or even hiding places, it would do you good to bring one. Pepper spray can be very effective at startling and immobilizing a predator giving enough time to run away and find safety.

Most runners would prefer to bring their iPods or phones for the purpose of listening to music. However, there are certain cases where it isn’t wise to do so. When running alone at night, your vision will already have been impaired by the lack of sunlight. You would need your ears to be able to become more aware of the surroundings.

Know that you don’t have to fear running at night. You only need to be smart. Run where there are light sources such as lampposts, where pedestrians are and try wearing reflective outfits to increase visibility. It would also do you well to wear premium sportswear or the right clothing so that you would be able to run more freely and without limits. Try sticking to the roads you know and always bring your phone with you.