in Business - 08 Mar, 2016
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Here’s What Makes A Good Real Estate Agent

Thailand – March 8, 2016 – The real estate industry can be a tough nut to crack. It involves a highly complex system of ups and downs, searching, negotiating and closing. Know that whether you are buying a house or selling one, it won’t come easy. However, there are people who can make the process much easier if you allow them to help you. Real estate agents, for example, are industry experts that you can turn to first and foremost when buying or selling property. They would be able to find buyers or sellers and can even negotiate for you. With real estate agents, you should know that these professionals always have your best interests in mind.

But finding a real estate agent can be tough. There are real estate agents, and there are good real estate agents. Here are the qualities of a good real estate agent that you should be on the lookout for.

  1. They are expert communicators. One of the most important qualities of real estate agents is that they need to be good at communicating because the real estate market changes quickly and the agent would have to immediately let you know where you stand in regards to making a particular deal so that if there is a potential for better deals, you would be able to move there.
  2. They are proactive. Proactive in a sense that they should always keep you well-informed, calling potential buyers or sellers, communicating with you and other clients and chasing new leads.
  3. They are good listeners. Communication should always be a two-way thing. There are real estate agents that talk too much that you can get a word in. Since you are the client, you should be doing the most talking while a good agent will ask you good questions.
  4. They always put their clients first. Why is this so? Well, if the clients get a good deal, the agent also gets a good deal. This is the main reason why real estate agents put their clients first and strive to keep them happy.
  5. They are flexible and adaptable to their clients’ needs. It is important that real estate agents know how to read their client and assess or adapt to whatever they may need. For example, the agent prefers communicating via email but the client prefers over the phone communication, then the agent would have to adapt to their clients preferred method of communication.

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