in Lifestyle - 17 Nov, 2015
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Here’s Why Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are Popular

There is no telling when ugly Christmas sweaters were first created. Some believe that Bill Cosby popularized the funny-looking tops, which may be true if you think about it, but there are also those who believe that ugly Christmas sweaters have been a trend even before Bill Cosby while the first ugly Christmas sweater party was thrown in Vancouver, Canada.

Regardless of its heavily disputed origin, there is no doubt that the ugly Christmas sweater has become a pop culture icon especially during the holiday seasons when people don’t mind getting some ugly into them.

But what makes these ‘ugly’ (yes, emphasis on the word ugly) sweaters so popular nowadays? Why do people care enough to purchase such hideous looking tops without fearing how they would look?

Truly, no word can best describe these sweaters better than ‘ugly’ and through this word; you may be able to understand why ugly Christmas sweaters are such a hit.

  • There are people who believe that there is nothing innocent about tackiness and these ugly sweaters are in fact the epitome of tacky. People have always been battling each other when it comes to taste and these sweaters have become a great way to put down the taste of other people. Taste is probably the biggest judge in deciding who is ‘in’ and who is ‘out’ and through these sweaters; people are able to join the ‘in’ crowd by embracing the ugliness.
  • There are also people who believe that ugly Christmas sweaters are a generational conflict. Although one might say that these sweaters were first worn by the elder demographic, the younger generation has definitely become the top consumers maybe because of the fact that youth is a time of indoctrination and separation from familial beliefs. It has become a way for them to rebel against their families, against society and culture.
  • Probably the most accepted belief as to why these ugly sweaters are so popular is because they not only bring people together, but they also bring smiles and laughter wherever they go, not to mention a few judging looks.

No matter what reason people may have for loving ugly Christmas sweaters, there is no denying the irony in all of this. This is ironic because people don’t take these sweaters very seriously but they also care enough to buy a few of their own. So if you want to join in on the irony, you can visit UglyChristmasSweater.com.