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Honda CBR929RR As The Must-Have Motorcycle For The New Millennium

Power, performance and total control can be expected from Honda CBR range of sports bikes. It took Honda two years to dominate the market with the CBR929RR and they are pretty confident about the fruits of their labour. Honda hopes the CBR929RR will make them the leader in the same way that the original 900 did in 1992.

According to Honda, CBR929RR is the lightest, best-handling and responsive open class sports bike in the world. CBR929RR includes a number of features that make it a very remarkable motorcycle. The bike has advanced pieces everywhere making it a force to reckon with even if it parked on its side stand. Instead of bits there are literally blocks of titanium and magnesium to help Honda achieve the goal of making the new CBR as the “must-have motorcycle for the new millennium.”

Prospective buyers of CBR929RR will probably ask why the sports bike is a “must-have?” Light does make right is clearly the number one priority of Honda.  When CBR900RR was introduced in the spring of 1992, it set a new standard for open -class sports bikes. The bike was 80 lbs lighter than its closest competitor and 2 pounds lighter than CBR600F2.

That light weight is the right way was pushed by Honda with its CBR900 series that had numerous weight-saving suspension improvements and an increase in displacement. The 1999 CBR900RR measured in at 918cc and about 400lbs dry. CBR900RR dominated the new Formula Extreme class. Most of the popular racers made a name for themselves on the CBR900RR. Even people who never dreamed of exploiting the bike’s full potentials felt the need to have one parked in their garage.

According to Honda, the new 929cc engine can produce more than 150HP at 11,500rpm, 76ft-lbs of torque with a weight of 379lbs dry. This provides CBR9292RR with higher horsepower-per-litre rating than any bike of its class.

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