in Business - 24 Oct, 2018
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Hong Kong Has Caught The Tuition Bug

No one bats an eye when you talk about getting a tutor Singapore but what most people do not know is that the tuition bug is even worse in Hong Kong. IN fact, many of the tutors are fighting aggressively in order to get students because the private tutoring sector in the country is estimated to be worth multimillion dollars.

The most popular private tutoring centers in Hong Kong are preferred by students because of the engaging way the classes are delivered and because they have a way of getting the students to memorize the major points in their lessons, solve a math problem faster, predict how the exam questions will flow and many more.

The latest marketing stunt pulled by private tutors is in the form of celebrity tutors. They have made it as headline news because they do what they do just to let the students know that they are worth every penny they are being paid.

In 2016, Ipsos which is a market research firm conducted a survey with 3,300 participating schools. These schools offer tutorial courses for students in the primary level and around 2,900 of the schools are catering to students in the secondary level.

The fees for private tutoring can be as low as HK $150 or as high as HK $200 for every hour. A single session of tutoring can go between 60 and 75 minutes. Students are enrolled to a minimum of one tutoring session per week for each of their subjects.

Aside from the regular classes offered by tuition centers, there are also special classes referred to as extensive exam prep courses or mock exam courses and even exclusive exam courses.

In 2012, a survey was organized by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and more than half of the students in the secondary levels are found to have a private tutor while 22.1 per cent of the students that are in level 3 or lower have private tuition. There are popular tutor Singapore and they are part of a centre of agency while in Hong Kong there are celebrity tutor centers such as Calvin Sun Education Centre, Modern Education, All-Star Education and Beacon College.