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Hotel Near Bangkok Subway Takes You To Purple Line Missing Link

Bang Sue and Tao Pun stations will eventually be connected on the 11th of August as authorities are sure the improvement will make Purple Line more popular. If a traveler, book yourself to a hotel near Bangkok Subway for convenience.

The 1kilometer distance between Blue Line’s Bang Sue and Purple Line’s Tao Pun, also known as the missing link, had been denounced as the reason why commuters have turned away and are now forced to ride diesel-powered trains or shuttle bus service just to go from station to station.

Once the new service is open to the public, passengers of the two lines will save around 30 to 40 minutes of time spent to change modes of transport. Rates for the tickets will remain the same, as mentioned by the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand deputy governor PhakkhaphongSirikantharamat, after he had a MRTA board meeting.

Commuters owning MRT Plus cards will be tolled 14 to 29 baht, while those who have no cards are obliged to pay higher at 42 baht depending on the location. There will be a special flat rate of 15 baht for all commuters on holidays and weekends. If you are new to the city, book in a hotel near Bangkok Subway to view the whole city.

Mr. Phakkhaphong perceives the new link will attract more commuters to the MRTA. It expects to transport an average of 100,000 commuters per day. Today, the figure stands around 30,000, with a slight increment from 20,000 after MRTA established a discount campaign.

The shuttle bus service and diesel-powered train shall be dumpedthis August 4 and 10 respectively. The missing link is seen by the deputy governor as an error on the part of state offices focusing on land allocation.

Earlier this year, the cabinet decided to hire BEM for installation of the rail systems and to link the two stations, the Hua Lamphong-Bang Khae and the Bang Sue-ThaPhra routes, both from Blue Line extensions. It’s a move from BEM to be the sole controller of the original Blue Line. The company has also been given to take charge of the concession up till2092. If in Bangkok, a hotel near Bangkok Subway can teach you how to use the city perimeters for touring.

The sole controller will foresee better safety management for passengers, Mr. Phakkhaphong said.