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How A Patient Regains Strength And Function

Cynergy Physical Therapy, P.C. provides individualized treatment for injuries and disabilities with passion for the patient’s wellbeing and by employing the best state-of-the-art equipment to make recovery and rehabilitation more efficient and effective. A team of therapists consistently engage in the latest in research based treatments through continuing education so that the patient will be back to his pre-injury condition.

When a person suffers from an injury or is recovering from surgery, he is provided with medical treatment and physical therapy to regain strength and function but on top of the list is to help the patient overcome uncertainty for successful rehabilitation. Many patients who seek physical therapy are often miserable, frustrated and scared and they need help to gain their confidence back.

Balance Physical Therapy in Salinas was founded by Farahmand 13 years ago with the goal of the providing exemplary physical therapy in the Monterey County. In order to serve patients that drive long distances to reach the clinic, Farahmand opened a second Balance clinic in Monterey last October. It is very important for Farahmand to be able to serve in the area where he grew up. Monterey-Salinas has always been home to Farahmand and when he returned to the area he was ready to provide advanced state-of-the-art facilities with therapists who have had advanced training to provide a variety of services to patients.

According to Farahmand, every patient is unique with their own set of needs and goals. Prior to the treatment, the patient must be specifically evaluated to maximize functional outcomes. Diagnosis may be similar but the treatment can be entirely different because it will be based on the individual needs of the patient.

In addition to therapeutic exercise, Farahmand plans to offer manual therapy, massage, personal training and private group training. Therapists are ready to work with patients from all walks of life and ages so that they can provide relief for back, neck, shoulder and hip pain as well as treatment for sports and work injuries. A vital component is education because the patient needs to understand how and why their treatment works so that they will invest in their own care.