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How A Plasterer In Sydney Can Plaster A Ceiling

Anyone can plaster a ceiling, but not everyone can do it the right way. However, to get the best results, you may need to hire a plasterer in Sydney to work for you. He can do various forms of plastering, but you need to ensure you have chosen a reputed one. You can do that through thorough research.

Be Ready with the Right Tools

To work as a plasterer in Sydney, you need to have the following tools to plaster the ceiling – safety goggles, a drywall saw, a drill, sharp utility knife, a ladder, an L-shaped ruler, a portion of drywall for a patch, joint compound, a hammer, drywall screws and tapes, a chisel, and the finishing plaster.

Prepare the Area for Plastering

Wear goggles to protect your eyes from dust. By using a utility knife, draw a score square around the area. Then, add tape just out of the score to avoid crumbling. Use a chisel and hamper to tap out the damaged section, while creating a cleaner hole.

Positioning of the Drywall Patch

Cut a piece of drywall about a centimetre smaller than the newly scored hole. Put the drywall into the hole, and ensure it is even with the ceiling. Use sandpaper to smoothen the rough area in both the drywall and wall opening. Secure the patches using drywall screws, which is 10-cm apart. Clear from debris and dust. Cover the joints and screws with tape, keeping it flat and smooth.

Apply the Plaster

Use the utility knife to add in a thin layer of plaster to the opening. Let it dry first before you sand the rough edges and patches. Apply another thin coat, while blending it some distance from the original opening. Let it dry, then sand. Repeat another layer of plaster and do the same thing. Once the area is smooth and dry, add prime and paint. Ensure you clean up the area from dust using damp cloth and a vacuum.

You need to find the right plasterer in Sydney to suit all your plastering needs. You can search online and ask for quotes from various providers. Compare them so you get the best offer.