in Business - 30 Jul, 2015
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How A Stay At Home Mom Paid For Her Sons’ College Fees

The ugly Christmas sweater might be dismissed by those in the fashion world as outdated and totally ridiculous. However, if you ask business owners and entrepreneurs, the fashion of ugly Christmas sweater is going nowhere and they are here to profit from it.

One stay at home mom who has a background in computer science, Anne Marie Blackman, got acquainted with the craze of ugly Christmas sweaters in the year 2008. She came across the rage of online buying of the distinct sweaters with the help of Google. She recounted that she visited Ebay in order to look for something to sell to earn for her kids’ college fees. The metrics on the website pointed out to ugly sweater parties. Driven to make that sell, Blackman went to different local stores and started buying different designs for men and women. She then began her work of assembling the finds in the thrift store. She designed the sweater in the ugliest way possible.

The year when Blackman started to sell sweaters on EBay, she was able to sell at least 50 sweaters. The prices range from $50 to $150. Little did she know that it was the beginning of a full time job that she would later devote her time to. Her business of selling ugly Christmas sweaters provided her with enough money to send her two sons to college. In an interview, she said that she was able to sell about 25,000 sweaters and was certain that she made million dollars in profit. Today, the once stay at home mom is now running the My Ugly Christmas Sweater which is based in Oldsmar, Fla. The store offer sweaters with modern and vintage designs. The designs are made to ensure that they suit the bad taste of people. Some of her sweaters are made in Bangladesh however; the add-ons like snow like fluff are made in the USA.

The success story of Anne Marie Blackman has resounded in the business world. There are other entrepreneurs that are following her footsteps. It is quite crazy to ponder that the ridiculously ugly sweaters are raking in unimaginable profits.