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How Does The Australian Wedding Differ From The American Wedding?

If you are planning your wedding, it is very likely that you have made some research on wedding planners, weddings venues and vendors like marquee hire in Melbourne to ensure a successful event. There are companies that specialize in all the products that can be used for events like flowers, decorations, catering equipment, marquees, tent, chairs and table and many more.

Last year, Australia has legalized same-sex marriage which means that the country is offering some unique wedding traditions. However, Australian weddings are not so different from US weddings that you attended; there are just some little distinctions that set them apart.

It is common tradition for the father to walk to the bride down the aisle but in Australia, both parents walk the bride. It is also fairly common for both mother and father to walk the groom down the aisle, too. During the wedding ceremony, there is a unity bowl which is a tradition for guests to fill the bowl small, colourful stones. According to My New Orleans, the colours represent different qualities, attributes and people.

In Christian weddings, the Bible is given by a family member to the couple as a keepsake. In Australian weddings, there is a ritual where the Bible that belongs to past generations is passed to the newlywed couple for safekeeping.

When attending a wedding in Australia, do not be surprised when you hear songs like “I Still Call Australia Home” and “Waltzing Matilda” because there is a strong sentimental value to the songs. The didgeridoo which is an indigenous Australian wind instrument is played to tell people that there is an Australian wedding.

In the stone ceremony, the couple throws a rock into a body of water. This symbolizes the concept of “staying together as life ebbed and flowed around them.” This is a tradition from Australian settlers who could not afford wedding rings.

No matter the differences, the products used in weddings are usually the same. For example, a couple that wants an outdoor wedding can seek the services of marquee hire in Melbourne to provide a reception venue after the wedding ceremony. More guests can be accommodated in the fully customizable marquees.