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How Heat works Came To Be

Almost two years ago, on July of 2016 when ISI Technology was able to gather the $5 million funding they need in order to start the first model of their Heat works technology. This is a water heater which is fully controlled by electronics.

Before Heatworks came to the market, every person in the United States wastes between 5 and 10 gallons of water daily as they wait for their hot water to come in. This is a significant amount of water being wasted if put together. The main reason why the water does not come out hot as soon as the shower is turned o is because of the technology employed by water heaters.

The process starts by filling the tank with cold water and this is where the heating element is located which responsible for energy transfer that increases the water temperature. Aside from the delay, the solutions back then are not accurate and the heating element is often damaged because of the frequency of reheating.

The Heatworks Model1 was actually introduced by ISI Technology in Startup Batlefield which is located at Disrupt NY. During that time, it differs from other heating products because the Model1 utilizes the electrical resistance present in the water. The result is that the water is heating up but not the device. Therefore, instantaneous heating occurs within the shower and faucet.

The Model1 was commercialized but on April of 2016 the United States Department of Energy created new regulations that require heaters to have a tank limit of 50 gallons. Thus, ISI created a new model which they called Model1x.

Last year, the company was busy creating a Kickstarter campaign in order to launch their new Model 3 water heaters. This came after the success of the Model 1 and the latest model will have more power, can be enabled through Wi-Fi and is more compact in design.

According to the CEO of Heatworks, Jerry Callahan, it is their desire at the beginning to provide efficient water heating to the people. They succeeded with their main goal and now it is their aim to change the way the entire world is heating their water.